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Unveiling Potential: Crafting Futures, One Mind at a Time

Learn about Exploring Minds, our mission, and our team of expert therapists dedicated to helping children thrive in Mississauga. In our sanctuary of care, we don’t just provide therapy; we orchestrate symphonies of growth. From the precision of ABA/IBI therapy to the harmonious melodies of social and life skills development, we tailor our programs to amplify strengths and conquer obstacles.

But our canvas stretches far beyond the confines of traditional therapy. With Natural Environment Teaching, we weave the threads of learning seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life, nurturing growth in the most organic of settings. Contact to find more about Exploring Minds


Encouraging imagination and innovation to spark joy and engagement in therapy sessions.


Prioritizing emotional well-being through tailored interventions and support.


Cultivating a nurturing environment where every child feels valued and supported.


Embracing new techniques and approaches to keep our programs dynamic and effective.

Empowering every individual touched by autism to thrive and lead fulfilling lives, guided by compassion, innovation, and inclusivity.
To provide personalized and comprehensive therapy programs, fostering growth, independence, and happiness for individuals on the autism spectrum, while supporting and empowering their families every step of the way.
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Praise from Our Community

Exploring Minds is a hidden gem in the world of therapy for individuals with autism. We have two special needs children that attend Exploring Minds. From the beginning, we were greeted with warmth, understanding, and expertise. The team here possess an unparallel level of compassion and dedication in helping special needs individuals thrive...

I'm very thankful that I picked exploring minds as a center to treat my son's autism! It is an amazing place and the staff are very welcoming and I've seen a big change in my son's behaviour and he is improving very quickly. I really appreciate all the hardwork the staff are doing! I recommend this centre for any parent who has an autistic child.

From experience, it is a place that works miracles, and I noticed this with my child. There is truly experience, kind and wonderful teachers, and an administration that is dedicated to work, understands the fears of the families, and is able to contain these fears.

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Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your child's journey towards empowerment and growth. Let's work together to unlock their full potential and create a brighter future filled with possibilities. Your child deserves the best, and at Exploring Minds, we're here to support you every step of the way. Reach out now to get started!